Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Two Girls Writing

Either is for the first time you are sending you child to school or if your child is going back to school tables after summer vacations you should help them getting used to going to school.

Present school to your kids in a positive way - place where they can play with friends, learn new things, play sport, ... make it sound good so they will be excited about school.

There are few things that are really important for your kids to do the best at school. Breakfast is one of the most important things so make it sure you include it into every day. It gives kids (and us) the energy to learn and play. Wake up and share breakfast with your kids as a family.

Make it sure your child get enought of sleep to and it is rested for a new day full of challenges. But don;t skip the breakafst for that but rather create a sleep routine at the same time every night.

Routine helps kids to stay on track. If you put it on the piece of paper so kids can see ti every day you will notice that kids will follow it and will know excatly what to do before school, after school,.. thay will also learn about organization of time and tasks. So put a task list in a visible place at your home, us colors and pictures and write down tasks your kids should follow like get dress, do the homework, brush your teeth, ..

One of the most important and special routines should be family time together after school when everybody gets home. That should be a time for family activities, hanging out as a family and talking about what happened durring the day. Help your children with their homework, have some fun with them, ask questions, listen, be proud,...