Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Two Girls Writing

Either is for the first time you are sending you child to school or if your child is going back to school tables after summer vacations you should help them getting used to going to school.

Present school to your kids in a positive way - place where they can play with friends, learn new things, play sport, ... make it sound good so they will be excited about school.

There are few things that are really important for your kids to do the best at school. Breakfast is one of the most important things so make it sure you include it into every day. It gives kids (and us) the energy to learn and play. Wake up and share breakfast with your kids as a family.

Make it sure your child get enought of sleep to and it is rested for a new day full of challenges. But don;t skip the breakafst for that but rather create a sleep routine at the same time every night.

Routine helps kids to stay on track. If you put it on the piece of paper so kids can see ti every day you will notice that kids will follow it and will know excatly what to do before school, after school,.. thay will also learn about organization of time and tasks. So put a task list in a visible place at your home, us colors and pictures and write down tasks your kids should follow like get dress, do the homework, brush your teeth, ..

One of the most important and special routines should be family time together after school when everybody gets home. That should be a time for family activities, hanging out as a family and talking about what happened durring the day. Help your children with their homework, have some fun with them, ask questions, listen, be proud,...


Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am from a little country called Slovenia. I know many people don't even know where it is so let me give you little orentation. Slovenia is a neighbor country to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungry and it is located in the heart of Europe.

We speak slovenian in my home country and for us learning other languages became a part of life. World is getting smaller and smaller and more and more conected. And from business level knowing more languages in Europe is almost at the top of the list for getting good jobs.

I know you are fortunate if you speak english that most people around the world understand. Expecialy younger generations start with their english lessions early in primary schools this days. But even though most of the kids speaking english will never need to use other languages I still think knowing one or more foreign languages is a plus for anybody.

I strongly recomend introducing atleast one foreign language to your kids. No matter the age of the kids they are usually fast in learning foreign languages. For those parents who have babies at home start with a foreign language from start while you teaching them your own native language. Babies will learn it naturally just like walking, talking, dancing, and other things.

There are many good materials available everywhere from book stores, library, online, in schools,... and I can asure you learning a foreign language for kids is much easier than learning it when you are an adult. But use this and learn a foreign language with your child.

The best thing is to find a native speaker - that is the most affective way of leanirng a language -it is like your child would go to other country and they can also bring culture from their home country to your kids. But also a friend or family member who speaks a foreign language can help for a start. You can decide to teach your kid a language on your own or sing up for classes or you can hire a babysitter that talks foreign language. There are many ways to give your child a gift of knowing one more language out there if you really want it.

The most important thing is make learning a foreign languages FUN. Envolve other kids, buy some cute books, make posters, try finding some songs,... YOU CAN DO IT.


Saturday, July 4, 2009


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Monday, June 29, 2009


I think that every parent out there wants to offer the best education for the kids - in and out of school. This days there is so much opportunities for that everywhere and some things are really amazing.

I found one website of a company that has really good products and I want to share it with all of you. It is about empowering kids for a healthy financial future. Kids and money are my favorite topics to talk about beside tennis and this website has a focus on teaching kids how to succeed. It gives you different products that can help you with money education for your kids from piggy banks, books, allowance chart,.. It also has a cute factor what always helps with kids.

The new e-book they are promoting is about The Power of Earning that can teach your kid how to open, run and operate their own business. Maybe some people think that business orintated education is not really for kids but i think that they can only gain from it personaly.

So here is a another good link for all interested in kids education

Let's help New Generation to be the best they can!


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Birthday is a special day for every person. I like to spend my B-day around the people that mean the most for me. We have a lunch or dinner (or both) and a cake with good conversation.

But with kids birthdays become even more special. They got to hang out with other kids, get some good gift, they are the star of the day,... Parents want to make it fun and memorable for their little angels.

Here are some ideas for your next birthday party for the youngest ones:

- ZOO party

Kids adore animals so Zoo is a place that every kids likes. But this party is not about visiting the Zoo but more like creating your own at the house. You ask all the kids that are invited to bring their own animal with them. You could go with real animals but that could cause quite some problems so i suggest that you go with stuffed animals instead.

You can trying getting boxes so each kid can create a home out of it for the animal they will bring. Have markers, sticers, scissors and other things ready so kids can create a nice home for their animal friends. When they finish with it the presentations of all animal friends begins.

You can also ask kids to draw their animals and have a comeptition for best draw. Of course you have to try to be creative with your food too . Cake in a shape of a birthday kid animal or a lot of little cakes in a shape of different animals.

- Camping birthday party

Of course is better to have a camping b-day party outdoors then inside the house so if you have a backyard and weather allows you go for the outside version. But inside camping will be just as much fun for little campers too.

First thing to do is to make everybody feel they are in the nature. Outside that is not a problem but insite create trees and flowers from cardboards. Use few tents, picnik tables, blankets and all other things conected with camping. Plastic pool offers a lot of fun expecially for hot summer days. Kids can play in those for hours and maybe you can even make it into fishing place.

At parties different areas are usually successful. So create different areaslike camping area, picnik area, arts and crafts area, fishing areas, cooking area,..
If you plan to camp for a longer time buy each kid a flashlight in a dollar store. Those are hella fun when it gets dark.

For the cake, go with something conected with camping. So called dirt cake are very popular - just use a lot of chocolate so it looks really dirty JEJE!

- Ice cream birthday party

Right idea for hot summer days. Make it sure you have enough of ice cream ready. And don't forget chocolate chip, fruit, fudge, syrups, almonds, nuts, m&m's, and all other things that make a fantastic combination with ice cream.

Let every kid build their own masterpiece ice cream on their own and turn it into a competition. You can take pictures of it too and give it to kids for a memory.
Ice cake is a logical choice for this party. You can also serve cupcakes with ice cream at the top.

Invitations for this party can include ice cream truck or a big picture of a birthday kid with ice cream.

So what will you next kids birthday party be about?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Kids are a blessing. We were all once kids. Because of kids we see the world different: we see innocence, we stop and smell the roses, everything is more interesting, we are more playful, we smile more, we have infinite creativity... Our imagination just flows and grows.

As parents we want to stop time and record every joyous moment. Kids become the center of our lives. We want to teach them our very best. We want to help them create a meaningful and happy life. We want to guide them; teach them between right and wrong. We want a pure journey as life should be.