Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am from a little country called Slovenia. I know many people don't even know where it is so let me give you little orentation. Slovenia is a neighbor country to Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungry and it is located in the heart of Europe.

We speak slovenian in my home country and for us learning other languages became a part of life. World is getting smaller and smaller and more and more conected. And from business level knowing more languages in Europe is almost at the top of the list for getting good jobs.

I know you are fortunate if you speak english that most people around the world understand. Expecialy younger generations start with their english lessions early in primary schools this days. But even though most of the kids speaking english will never need to use other languages I still think knowing one or more foreign languages is a plus for anybody.

I strongly recomend introducing atleast one foreign language to your kids. No matter the age of the kids they are usually fast in learning foreign languages. For those parents who have babies at home start with a foreign language from start while you teaching them your own native language. Babies will learn it naturally just like walking, talking, dancing, and other things.

There are many good materials available everywhere from book stores, library, online, in schools,... and I can asure you learning a foreign language for kids is much easier than learning it when you are an adult. But use this and learn a foreign language with your child.

The best thing is to find a native speaker - that is the most affective way of leanirng a language -it is like your child would go to other country and they can also bring culture from their home country to your kids. But also a friend or family member who speaks a foreign language can help for a start. You can decide to teach your kid a language on your own or sing up for classes or you can hire a babysitter that talks foreign language. There are many ways to give your child a gift of knowing one more language out there if you really want it.

The most important thing is make learning a foreign languages FUN. Envolve other kids, buy some cute books, make posters, try finding some songs,... YOU CAN DO IT.